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You are now able to order repeat prescriptions online! For information how to register for online prescriptions please visit the Online Services Website page.

To do this please visit the link here where you can login into the system.

We provide a forty-eight hour repeat prescription service. Requests should be made in writing, either by post (please include a stamped addressed envelope in order for us to post the prescription back to you), by personal attendance at the prescription desk or alternatively you can contact the chemist of your choice and ask them to request and collect the prescription on your behalf.

All requests reaching the prescription desk by 11.30am will be available two working days later from 11.30am onwards. (Please note – this does not include Saturday or Sunday.)

We are unable to take prescription requests over the telephone, but should you have an enquiry please ring the prescription team between 10 - 12pm, (Telephone 0115 963 3511 Option 3) who will be able to assist you further.

Requesting your Prescription Online

If requesting repeat prescriptions online, it is the patients responsibility to arrange collection of the issued prescription from the practice leaving at least two working days for the prescription to be processed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Advertising of Pharmacies (by Email) and Online Services provided by Oakenhall Medical Practice (14/02/2020)

Oakenhall Medical Practice does NOT advertise or recommend named pharmacies or online pharmacies by email, text or in person. This is against NHS England guidelines.

Oakenhall Medical Practice does offer SystmOne (practice enabled computer) online services. This is by patient request only; by completing the relevant form and the patient attending the practice with the form and their photographic identification. The practice will then generate a Username and Password.

Usernames and Passwords are never posted, emailed or provided over the telephone, but given in person at the practice with confirmation of photographic identification.

Oakenhall Medical Practice will never email a patient, to request that the patient should return the email, with the patient’s online services Username and Password.

Oakenhall Medical Practice does recommend the alternative patient online access for prescription requesting and appointment booking provided by NHS England: NHS APP

Information is available on the NHS website:

Changes to the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) 12 March 2020

We are upgrading to the next phase of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which will mean that almost all our prescriptions will be processed electronically from 12th of March 2020.

This means that if you have not identified your usual pharmacy on the practice computer system (you can do this by contacting the practice, talking to your Community Pharmacy or updating your preference through online services), you will be provided a "token" which you will present to your pharmacy of your choice. The token is not a legal prescription, but allows your pharmacy to extract the prescription information from the electronic system to dispense your medication.

Electronic prescriptions help save the NHS money.

You will receive your prescriptions in the same way as you do now.

Read more about Electronic Prescription System on the NHS website:

Prescription requesting from IOS Mobile System or Apple IPad:

The Computer Software Supplier (SystmOne Online), advise that different operating systems e.g. IOS mobile systems and Apple IPad show different "views" to the standard view seen by a Personal Computer:

On a Personal Computer in the Prescription Requesting - you will be able to make a "Custom Request" for a prescription that is not available in your repeat medication request list. This facility is not available when viewing via an IOS mobile system or Apple IPAD.

How to Order Repeat Medication is Changing on the 1st of June 2017.

With effect from the 1st of June 2017 we shall no longer be accepting requests for prescriptions on your behalf from pharmacies. This is a decision that has been made by the four Hucknall practices after careful consideration following a significant number of incidents with potential for patient harm. Prescriptions will therefore need to be ordered directly and you can do this in a number of ways:

  • ONLINE - the easiest and safest method using our clinical system which can be accessed via the link on our website - Please view our online Service section for more information how to register for online services.
  • AT THE SURGERY - By indicating your requirements on your repeat medications list or by letter
  • BY POST - by sending your repeat medications list/letter via Royal Mail.

Telephone requests and emails will not be accepted and we shall no longer be having a fax available for this purpose.

We understand that having the 'Pharmacy Ordering Service' has been a convenient way of ordering repeat medication however this change will be safer and a more efficient use of NHS resources. It will also mean that you and your GP will be more in control of your medication.

Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff for help, advice and support. In exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement the practice will continue to accept pharmacy ordered medication.

We thank you for your understanding in this instance and look forward to operating a more efficient service for you.

Prescription Champion

Do you have a question or query about your repeat prescription, or has your request been declined and you do not fully understand the reason why. The practice has a Prescription Champion from 10 am - 12 pm available to discuss your concerns and provide assistance by liaising with the GP, to address your questions. Please contact the surgery and ask to speak to the Prescription Champion.

Electronic Prescription Service
The Electronic Prescription Service enables GP's to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser such as a pharmacy of the patient's choice. This makes the prescribing and dispensing process more efficient and convenient for patients. You can discuss this with your usual pharmacist who will arrange for the pharmacy nomination form to be completed or ask at the surgery for more information. The Electronic Prescription Service is not compulsory. All patients deciding to use the service will still need to order their prescriptions usual. We would like to remind you that practice staff cannot direct patients to a named pharmacy and it is the patient's choice to name a nominated pharmacy.

N.B. We do not accept fax requests for prescriptions or other requests.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing Service

If you get regular or repeat prescriptions, you could save time by switching to electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD).

eRD sends your prescriptions electronically from your GP surgery to a pharmacy of your choice. It’s easy to use and you don't need a computer or electronic device. Ask your GP or pharmacist to set it up for you.

eRD allows your GP to prescribe your regular medicines for up to a year. It’s reliable, secure and confidential. Your regular prescriptions are stored securely on the NHS database, so they'll be ready at the pharmacy each time you need them.

Using eRD you can:
• save time by avoiding unnecessary trips or calls to your GP every time you need to order a repeat prescription
• order or cancel your repeat prescriptions online (if your GP practice offers this service)
• pick up your repeat prescriptions directly from your pharmacy without having to visit your GP
• spend less time waiting for your prescription in the pharmacy or GP practice
• save paper – you won’t need a paper prescription to collect your medicine from the pharmacy

For more information about eRD and how it works, ask at your GP surgery or pharmacy, or visit the NHS website:

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